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1982-1987 School of Fine Arts, Huaraz, Peru

first solo exhibition at the National Institute of Culture, Peru

School Pro Venetia, Venice, Italy


Areas of Sculpture

Art molding, private orders, public orders, production of monuments (1% cultural), small or large sculptures, professional courses and amateurs, theme courses: modeling, bronze, marble, stone, wood, steel, resin ...



• First prize sculpture Raymi Llacta, Peru

• Award of Excellence at the International Sculpture Competition, Arles

• Excellence Prize at the International Snow Sculpture Competition, Quebec

• Memorial Prize at the International Snow Sculpture Competition, Harbin, China


Major exhibitions in France

• 7th International Rencontres Sculpture, Ottange

• Several solo and group exhibitions in Champagne-Ardenne

• Autumn Salon, Grand Palais, Paris

• Camille Claudel International Wood sculpture Festival, La Bresse

• International Festival of Chalk, Epernay

• International Lighting Fair, Paris

• Conference-animated tribute to Camille Claudel, The Museum Vergeur, Reims

• Guest of honor of the association "Create", Castellane Champagne, Epernay

• Exhibition of French Artists, Paris

• Guest of Honor "Passages" Clemangis house, Chalons-en-Champagne

• Exposure to "French Poets" Montpezat space Paris

• Large market for Contemporary Art, Paris Bastille

• Exhibition with Feodor Tamarsky, House Clemangis, Chalons-en-Champagne


In other countries

• 79th Salon d'Epernay, Epernay - France.
• Il Grande Canale della Pace®, 1a Edizione di Roma, Villino Corsini di Villa Pamphili, Rome, Italy.
• VII edition Present Art Festival - Meeting in Shanghai. National Library of Shanghai Pudong; Shanghai, China.
• Il Grande Canale della Pace® - Artisti Venezia contro la guerra 2015 - 1st Edizione. Palazzo Bollani, Venezia, Italy.
• Hallucinations, Marson, France.

• International Exhibition Art Folio c / o Art 54 Gallery, New York

• Sculpture Festival on wood, Sennori, Italy

• International Snow Sculpture Competition, Harbin, China

• Exhibition of the Art Bank, Quebec

• casting lessons with artisans of Luxor, Egypt



• Creation of a monument in memory of Jean Talon, Chalons-en-Champagne

• The Four Seasons, Park Petit Jard, Chalons-en-Champagne

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